A la carte services and packages are available to every person living permanently or punctually, in Annecy and the surroundings.

In either case : no application fee, no obligation and no stress!
Our pricing system is simple and clear.
Each enquiry leads to a free, detailed quote with no commitment.

For home owners, La Conciergerie de Virginie will visit your residence.

A la carte services

You call upon our services punctually. You pay only what you need when you need it.

The concierge services booklet for holidaymakers is available, on request.

A la carte services prices are from 5€.

Month offers and personalised packages

Month offers bring together services of either same nature or same price, which can be carried out on a monthly basis at advantageous rates.

Personalised solutions gathered services of different prices that can be carried out every month. You can select all the services you need.

The price of these personalised packages is defined according to the services you choose.
Each package is subject to a tailor made contract previously established according to your needs: type of services, frequency…